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Phase 1 - Desktop Study

A Phase 1 Desktop Study is often required by local planning authorities, when applying for planning permission. New build and change of use both require planning and therefore a Phase 1 Desktop Study to be compiled.

Desktop Study Phase 1 Environmental Consultants Contaminated Land A "Desktop Study" report outlines the Site History, Geology and Hydrogeology, and any environmental risk associated with that particular plot.

We put together this information in the form of a report that can be submitted at the relevant time to the local planning authority.

If you are buying land and are worried about possible contamination (an old garage forecourt for example) then it is wise to have an assessment carried out before purchase.

Are you building on Contaminated Land?

Other sites with dubious past histories / possible contamination issues might include:

-Petrol Stations
-Work Shops
-Coal Yards
-Industrial Units
-Gas Works
-Timber Yards / Saw Mills
Uffculme History Desktop Study Phase 1 Environmental Consultants Contaminated Land

If a Phase 1 / Desktop Study indicates that a site may have had an industrial past your local authority may instruct you to carry out a ground investigation program.

For discussion on an informal basis, or detailed written quotation feel free to ring the office for a no-cost apprisal.

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