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Phase 2 - Geo-Environmental Site Investigation

If there is a Site History that indicates industrial usage then it may be necessary to carry out a Phase 2 Site Investigation. This involves taking soil samples from site and sending them to a laboratory for testing. A Site Contamination Assessment Report can then be assembled.

If test results are in compliance with limits outlined under Part IIA of the Environment Act then no further action is needed. If however limits for contaminants are breached then further remedial action will be needed.

Samples can be taken from site in a number of ways including Trial Pits (machine or hand-dug), or by percussion sampling methods. For retrieval of geotechnical samples, or installation of monitoring wells more advanced equipment may be needed.

Whilst the equipment is on site, it is wise to take further samples for geotechnical testing, this can be arranged by Southwest Environmental. (Soil strength values and Classification etc)
Contaminated Land News (May 2010)

EA releases "Guiding Principles for Land Contamination"

Te EA has released a collection of "guidance that replaces our document ’Environment Agency requirements for land contamination reports’." The guidance is aimed at land owners, specialists and consultants and clarifies the governments stance on dealing with the large areas of contaminated land in the UK.

Read the Guidance (pdf file)

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At Southwest Environmental Limited we pride ourselves on providing quality data, Only approved Site Investigation Contractors will undertake works on site. BH Positioning will be carried out by qualified surveyors to ensure accurate elevations. Chain of Custody will be maintained for all soil samples between site and labs.


Testing is carried out by a third party UCAS accredited laboratory.


After the Information has been collected a report is assembled, which includes the factual data collected, and recommendations for further action (if necessary). SWEL uses DEFRAs CLEA Model to assess risk to near by receptors.

Please feel free to telephone the office for an informal discussion regarding any of the services we provide. Detailed written quotations can be provided upon request.

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